James Paul Brown with Eros Painting



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A portrait of Nelson Mandela.
The world has lost a great man, visionary and leader. We have all been changed by his actions and the world was a better place with him in it. He will be greatly missed. A portion of the proceeds of his art will be donated to his foundation.

Original Painting, mixed media, $12.500

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About James Paul Brown

Brown blends the broad brushwork and vibrant colors of Van Gogh with the strokes and pastel shades of Monet to produce enchanting, passionate masterpieces. With his history as a painter, radio entrepreneur, wine connoisseur, marathon runner, and reciter of poetry, his life resembles a colorful palette, capturing the beauty of adventure of the human experience. His paintings are windows into an enchanted world blending energy, color, romance, as well as favorite cities and landscapes.

Brown’s original art has adorned the walls of the corporate offices of Pepsi, NBC, Reebok, and Adidas and his original art is also visible in the Swimming Hall of Fame.

Today, Brown’s artwork continues to reach new levels of inspiration and admiration. If others have been called painters of light, Brown could certainly be coined the “painter of joy.”  More on James >>